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I should be interested in purchasing property from, which is already several years in bankruptcy. Trustee in bankruptcy I sent a request to purchase property, but I did not get any response. I therefore ask, What is a possible way forward? Trustee is required to sell assets or at least send a reply to my request?
The law states, that the trustee may liquidate the bankrupt's property subject to bankruptcy auction only. , Although some exceptions, but the only concern when buying a home as part of a business or part of a business. By law, the notice of initiation published in the Register auction auctions least 30 days prior to the auction. Notice of the auction, the auctioneer shall also promptly sent to the Ministry for publication in the Journal of Business.
The law does not require administrator of the bankrupt respond to correspondence third parties. In the case of, if you are also creditor, or a member of the creditors' committee, know you better obtain such cooperation, or. communication with the manager úpadcu.VO YOUR WATCH IF YOU RECOMMEND A REGISTER auctions Business Journal, ADMINISTRATOR OR REQUEST FOR INFORMATION WHEN IS A PROPERTY Drazen.