Advice, Rights and obligations

Owner of the object auctions (debtor) is obliged to allow the expert and the buyers inspect the object auctions. Team, that allow us to make sightings, also help achieve maximum recovery of your property and increase the chances, that its assets auctioned for an amount exceeding the claims pledgees. Yields in excess of claims pledgees and our costs will be returned. If you help us, and help each other. The Borrower shall bear an indication of what the auction.

The Borrower has the right to information about ongoing auction, in particular the right to the amount of the debt, which leads to the auction.

The Borrower has the right at any time until grant Blow to pay its obligations and to prevent the sale of your property.

Procedure for payment of debts

Sell ​​your property at any time to prevent team, to pay the entire claim claimant auctions and our costs associated with the implementation of auctions.

Amount of the claim and all information, you need to know about the ongoing auction of your property will be glad to give you on phone. no.: 041/7632234, or. na t. No. 0917 450 628, or e-mail address:

Selling your property by our company is transparent, We guarantee maximum yield, which is under the given conditions can be obtained.

The balance of the proceeds satisfy the lien creditors and our costs will be refunded and you will be able to freely dispose of it.

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