LICITOR group, a.s.

The company LICITOR group, a.s., established in Liverpool since its inception in 2004 considers its core business implementation of auctioning under Act. 527/2002 The. from. on voluntary auctions and this complex and challenging ministry subordinate all our efforts.

Our services are used by entities, to be in business met with unpleasant, not, unfortunately, Increasingly popular reality defaults by its trading partners. Long term partnership not only with reputable banks and building societies, but also with strategic individual pledgee.
For our clients we Auctioneer activity was recovered several tens of millions euros as due (more 44 thousand. EUR), which ranks us among the top of hers auction in Slovakia.

During a decade of experience we have developed step by step Unique management system of auctioning, that we have in recent years added on klientsku zone allowing detailed online Watching the process of auctioning a large banking house. Each case will be considered of particular, and therefore each client is assigned a single experienced officer auctions, which analyzes and manages the entire portfolio of a client.

For a unique presentation of auctions we consider particularly through our Auction Portal,, which has undergone extensive renovation and changes since the beginning of the year 2013 traffic with tens of thousands of visits per month is the most visited portal on the topic of auctions ever. It comes as a real hallmark of transparency and r%