Benefits for Applicants

realization of assets by auction offers many advantages:

You do not need judicial or other decision, because the subject of the auction can be auctioned under conditions stipulated by law, even if, if you're a mortgage lender and you do not have an enforceable title,

Dražobný process is fast and flexible, because it can be successfully completed for 35 – 60 days the signing of contracts for auction, What is incomparably shorter period compared to standard lengths enforcement or judicial proceedings,

Auction is for the claimant available and inexpensive way to satisfy claims, because the costs auctions apply by advances, but are paid from the proceeds of the auction, Thus, the plaintiff in the auction realized not bind any cash. Cost auction ultimately borne by the debtor,

Efficiency and transparency the auction process ensures a broad portfolio of business activities Auctioneer, which is in its real estate activities capable widely publicized auction of assets and achieve the maximum yield for each auction,

Legal certainty applicant also guarantees the buyer the fact, that after 3 months from carrying out the auction can not be challenged by an action for auction void and the successful bidder ownership is indisputable,

In the case of, that are interested in the possibility of implementing lien auction, naváhajte contact us and we will be happy to provide free of charge consultation or. we will offer you a suitable alternative.

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